To read comments on any posting, just click on the large title of the posting at the top of the article.  That will re-load the page and make any public reader comments visible following the posting.  It will also open (at the bottom) a “Leave a Reply” box enabling the reader to add a comment.  You may also go to the “Recent Comments” listed at the base of the right-hand column of the blog.

The other (more bothersome) option is to click on the “comment” link that usually follows a number of keywords at the base of the article.  That opens any comments, as well as the “Leave a Reply” box for making your own comment.  It is a bit tricky to quickly find, which is why I prefer the first options.  This “comments” link will also tell you if there are any comments on a posting, by giving a number if anyone has commented.  If there is no number preceding “comment,” there are no public comments as yet for that posting.

WordPress sites are automatically configured that way, apparently for the convenience of blogs that receive hundreds of comments on a posting.  For more intimate sites such as mine, it would be preferable to change that and make comments automatically visible on the initial viewing of the posting, but the program does not permit that.