Dear readers,

I am happy to report that those of you who have been waiting to read my book A Time of Ghosts will now be able to read it quite inexpensively, and in most any standard digital mode.

It was included in the “30 Best Books on China” reader recommendations in the Guardian (U.K.) newspaper, which had this summary:

The true story of a child who endured the earth-shaking transition of China to communism and found himself inundated in a sea of puzzling propaganda and prejudice. Then, growing to manhood and facing a tremendous internal struggle, he finally embarked on a risky, adventurous, and remarkably revealing odyssey to find a door out of the mental prison that China under communism had become.”



It was just made available on for $3.99 in the following formats:

PDF for reading on your PC or on a Mac;
EPUB for reading on iPad, Nook and most Ebook readers;
Mobi for reading on Amazon Kindle

Here is the link:

Here is a list of the major sites where it is available (in addition to other online retailers), with direct URLs to the book that you may cut and paste to your browser:

This is for people who want to go directly to it without searching. They can cut and paste the URL of their choice: (for all major digital formats; use dropdown box to choose): (for Kindle; click on the book and it will bring up some very favorable reviews): (for Nook):

For iPad, (etc.) use ebookit .com (see above) format dropdown box, or use your iBooks app.

Ebookstore (for Sony Ereader):

Google books: (for Kobo):

As you may recall, I wrote this book over a long period of time through personal conversations with my (now deceased) physician and long-time friend Hok-Pang Tang.

Here is the “squiggle” on it:

Description: A Time of Ghosts is the exciting and absorbing account of Dr. Hok-Pang Tang, who was born into a wealthy and prominent Chinese family in the years before the Communist takeover, but whose family suffered a drastic fall with the coming of the the new regime.

It offers a vivid personal insight not only into a traumatic period in Chinese history, but also a rare and revealing glimpse at the “supernatural” subculture that survived even under Communism.

A Time of Ghosts follows Dr. Tang’s life from his overindulged childhood on through the bitter shocks of the transition to Communism, and finally to his repeated attempts to escape from a soul-destroying political and social system. It is a true personal history that reads like an adventure novel.

Because of its historical and human significance, I have long wanted to make this book easily and inexpensively available, and the digital format has enabled me to do that. My personal preference is for printed books, but I know that many now use the digital format through one device or another to save both space and money.

If you happen to read the book, I would very much like to hear your reactions to it. To make a comment (all comments here are private, unless requested otherwise), just click on the “comment” button on this page.

If you would like to see a “typed-text” sample chapter, you may go to my earlier posting here:


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