This is what is happening where I am today:


Spring snow —
As it touches the ground,
It melts.

That is the time I am in — the yang forces of warmth are growing, and the yin forces of cold are diminishing.  That is why the falling snow, as it touches the ground, disappears in a moment.

In such a simple verse, we see the nature of spring, but we also see the quality that underlies all of hokku and all of life:  impermanence. 

Another verse would express the same thing as the first, but differently:


Through the blooming
Branches of the plum tree,
Snow falling.

Or more smoothly,

Fallling through the branches
Of the blooming plum —
Spring snow.



In the comments, Br. Nicholas (Bob) shared a photo.  WordPress automatically removes photos.  I’m placing it here so his comment will not be incomplete: