Winter’s end;
The morning star fading
In the dawn sky.

Yes, according to the Hokku Calendar, which is also the ancient agricultural calendar, tomorrow is the first day of spring.  That does not mean the end of cold weather (depending on where you live), but it does mean that the Wheel of the Year has turned, and once again Imbolc / Candlemas has come around, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

So far it has been a surprisingly mild winter where I am — likely due to climate change.  Snowdrops — a sure sign of spring — have been blooming early in my garden since mid-January.   But it is always possible something unexpected may happen in February, as it did last year when it brought both snow and an ice storm, knocking out my electricity for a week.

Nonetheless, it is time to leave reading and writing Winter hokku and daoku (objective hokku) behind, and to move on to those of spring.


One thought on “…CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND?

  1. I try to appreciate every day in winter, but I always look forward to Feb. 1st, knowing that the very cold days are behind us (mostly) and sunnier, warmer days are coming. The content of the spring hokku is much less melancholic that the winter hokku, in general, and that tends to lift my spirits. So, happy spring, David!

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