Who is this old fellow? Well, he is the one writing what you have been reading here. He has been discussing Eastern and Western verse and related subjects (and sometimes not so related) online for many years. He began teaching the writing of brief verse based on the best aesthetics of the old Japanese hokku online in 1996. He looked much younger then.

The calligraphy was written for him many years ago by an elderly Korean Buddhist nun. It says “Buddha Mind.” We could also say “Buddha Heart.” What is the mind of a Buddha? With what mind do we write hokku? These are questions for a lifetime.

8 thoughts on “THE WRITER

  1. It’s nice to see you at last! Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts. It is always a delight to see when a new post is up.

  2. chucktu

    Lovely to.. see.. you David. Umpteen years with you and there you are. Must say you’re aging better than I am. Quite fit. Please keep staying healthy so you can, among other things, continue to pass on your knowledge and wisdom. Thanks for the pic. Chuck

  3. Fantastic photo! It’s always good to have an image of someone to whom you’re writing. Thanks for sharing this photo with us, David!

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