A winter hokku by Kiūkoku:

The horse
Chomping and chomping straw;
A snowy night.

The loud chomping noises only emphasize the stillness of the night of snow, so we can say this is a hokku with harmony of contrast — two very different things put together that nonetheless come out as harmonious instead of discordant.

Best wishes to everyone on this New Year’s Eve for a far better and happier coming year than the last has been.


6 thoughts on “CHOMPING

  1. This is a very evocative hokku as I know these sounds from my childhood! Wow! I’m surprised at my reaction and need to write my thoughts down.
    May 2021 bring happier outcomes!

  2. This is a sound that I have grown to enjoy over the years (my sister-in-law has a horse), that crunching, munching, and chomping of straw on a cold, winter evening. Thanks for sharing this hokku, David! Let’s try to have a good 2021. Hope you stay healthy and warm through this last month of winter. I’m looking forward to the wildflowers of spring, but I can’t bypass the beauty that winter has to offer. Let’s savor what’s around us, right now! That’s all there is.

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