Here is my rather loose translation of a winter hokku by Yasui:

In all the whiteness,
Not one thing moves;
The frosty night.

Perhaps it reminds you of another winter hokku by Chiy0-ni:

In field and mountain,
Nothing moves;
The snowy morning.

In two days comes the Midwinter Solstice and the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  Then the days will slowly begin to grow longer. and the new cycle will begin.



3 thoughts on “IN ALL THE WHITENESS

  1. Unlike us, wildlife need to conserve energy in their freezing habitat, so they stay still, until they need to find food. When we look at them, the wildlife, we say, “Poor wild animals; I wish they could be warm like us;” when they look at us, I’m imagining that they say, “Wait until their fossil fuel runs out.” I think all living things look forward to the solstice, the return of the sun. I know I do. Thanks for the post, David. I always enjoy them.

  2. The day I first read this post, white silence surrounded my house in Maine.
    Today, bare ground and the sound of rain.
    Thinking of you tonight, hoping you are well and safe, and wishing you a pleasant winter evening.

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