One thought on “AFTER

  1. dennisjoyleary

    August rain —
    Splashing in the window,
    Pouring from the roof.

    (I am sitting here in my room looking out the window. We are getting a huge downpour like I’ve seldom seen. Folks here on the cranberry farm have been worried about drought. What a surprise. It beat against the pane. What a blessing. I feel joy and gratitude. Rain was splashing in window until I closed it. I am seeing the beauty of Nature in Daoku. All morning long Nature has been teasing with light sprinkles and gossamer clouds. I thought of rain dance. It looks like she is going back to her playfulness but who knows, this could go on all day. Delightful. Mozart is playing like gentle rain. I open window. Cool breeze. Hear distant thunder. Skies lightening. Roads wet.)

    Been reading a year of your posts. I was inspired by your:

    Summer rain;
    A woman sitting alone,
    Gazing outside.


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