As long-time readers here know, I rarely talk about politics.  But I am fervently an advocate of free speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It is a shocking event and a severe threat to freedom to see a President of the United States having peaceful protesters cleared out by security forces and tear gas simply so he could have a photo opportunity standing with a Bible in his hand in front of a church — a church that did not want him there.  It was simply more stagecraft, more propagandistic nonsense to convince his gullible Evangelical Christian followers that he is a divine gift to them — for the purpose, of course, of getting their votes again.  It was the support of Evangelicals that unfortunately put Trump in the White House, setting off a disastrous chain of events, and it should be a clear demonstration to all how morally distorted their backward dogmatism is.

My first thought when I saw the forces dispersing peaceful protesters with tear gas was, “This is America, not Hong Kong!”  It is a flagrant violation of First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of assembly, and that any would support Trump’s dictatorial action — more a mixture of Mussolini and Carrie Lam than behavior any American President should display — just shows to what a dangerously deplorable state this country has fallen under Trump and his cronies.

Of course Trump should be removed from office.  He is simply not mentally or emotionally fit to be President.  His current behavior is clear evidence of that.  But with servile and self-serving Republican support, his removal does not appear likely.  That means it is vitally important to vote him and all of his supporters out of office as soon as elections make that possible.  That is for the benefit of the country, of the environment, and of the world.




  1. John Budan

    Thanks, David. Trump is very frightening. Never thought I would see our liberties threatened in my lifetime.

  2. Jon Carley

    You ‘rarely talk about politics’? What utter rot. You peddle your liberal ideology constantly – it’s as obvious as it is obnoxious. You should stick to poetry.


    Well – it’s no longer my problem; enough is enough. I’m through.

    Usually, I correct comment typos — but this time it seemed appropriate to leave them.

  3. Good morning. I know I’m rather late responding to your post, but I’ve been thinking over what you’ve said and would like to address one of your thoughts, for what it’s worth.

    It was the support of Evangelicals that unfortunately put Trump in the White House, setting of a disastrous chain of events, and it should be a clear demonstration to all how morally distorted their backward dogmatism is.

    I hope you realize that you’re tarring a broad spectrum of people here. Your remark’s not racist, but it sounds like that same “They’re all alike” spirit.

    I don’t believe it was the support of evangelicals that put Trump in the White House. I know the media definitely gave it that slant, but I see the media loves to slam conservatives of any kind, especially Christians. Black people, black women, and a lot of other people voted for him, too. Likely there were Christians in the States that voted against him. And there are very many black Evangelicals in the US.

    Though I’m a Christian and consider myself evangelical, our Mennonite church never stemmed from the Protestants nor accepted Luther’s TULIP doctrines. I won’t go into all that, but please remember that “Christian” covers a wide range of thinking, not all of it under the Protestant Evangelical umbrella.

    Like the Amish, who stem from the same heritage, we do not vote. We see ourselves as “citizens of another country.” There are thousands of Christians in the US who don’t vote, for the same reason. (Also, I’m not an American, so, though I’m evangelical, it wasn’t my vote that put Trump into office.)

    I’m also not racist — I hope! Many evangelicals aren’t racists. The Bible tells us that “God made of one blood all the nations which dwell on the face of the earth.” Sadly, too many supposed Christians — as well as non-Christians — don’t accept this clear teaching, or apply the various examples Jesus left. A few in my own family are dead-set against “religion” but are very racist.

    From where we observed it, the US election was an unpopularity contest. Some folks shuddered to hear Clinton’s goals; some folks shuddered to hear Trump’s goals — and a few more shuddered at Clinton than at Trump. Had there been a wiser and more moderate candidate, they’d easily have gotten elected, but Clinton was just so far out in LEFT field I think she scared American Christians, maybe especially evangelicals. Muslims, too. So my impression at the time was voters were not “in favor of Trump” as much as opposed to Clinton.

    I get that your President is standing up for America in the global community, and not allowing other leaders to make demands and walk all over the US. However, I’m sorry that he isn’t using his position to demonstrate and promote respect for all. I hope in Nov someone will step into the Oval Office that has his backbone, but a lot more tact.

  4. lmarshal

    I’ve always thought the word “liberal” means” tolerant, open-minded, unprejudiced, protective of the rights of all, willing to consider all sides of issues.” And I still think it means that.

  5. I agree with everything you said and will vote for his opponent in November. Unfortunately for me my vote will get thrown out, because of our electoral college system. I live in a “red” state! I will get to vote against Bitch McConnell, though. He is an evil sub-human reptile and Trumpski’s puppet. They both ripped-up our Constitution recently. I’m against oppression of any kind, and these days the GOP (Great OPpressors) is the most oppressive party. It goes to show that democracy is not always a good thing, when the majority are closed-minded bigots.

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