We are only a few days away from Candlemas — the beginning of spring by the old calendar.  I am certainly seeing signs of it where I live.  Tiny crocuses, both blue and yellow, have already burst into bloom in my garden, much to my surprise.

I have been thinking a lot about this site and where I would like to go with it as spring begins.  I have decided to continue discussions of hokku and of poetry, but in addition I will expand the range of topics to include just about anything I am moved to write about.  That may include some subjects people might find troubling, perhaps even occasionally politics (shudder!), but probably only when that relates to the well-being of the planet or human rights.  In any case, for those of you who like to avoid such subjects, be forewarned.

Among other topics I shall likely spend some time on are gardening (one of my favorites), and discussion of books, whether new or old — but probably more often the old.  At one time I had even planned to open a blog titled “The Belated Reader,” where I could talk about interesting books from the past that deserve more readers.  Instead of doing so, I shall just incorporate “The Belated Reader” into this site.

Then too, there will probably be some postings on our changing climate and environment — a troubling topic, I know, but a critically important one which has begun to affect us all in one way or another.

In addition, I will likely post now and then about religion and spirituality, and the differences between the two, and along with them, the importance of freedom of thought, speech, and expression.

As for hokku, the original subject of this site before I expanded it to include discussions of poetry in general, I plan to review what it is and how to read and write it.  My approach this time will be somewhat different however, as I want to move away from hokku in general toward a specific discussion of objective hokku as a field in itself, seen in its own context.  That will enable me to focus on the one kind of hokku I consider the most unique and worthwhile.

Whatever the topic, I hope both long-time readers and new readers here will continue to find something of interest on this site.


  1. All sounds very interesting, David. Incidentally, we have moved to Shrewsbury – I know you had an interest in the history of the area – and I also started a new blogging venture – Lif4gd.home.blog – where I am trying to link poetry from the past, something local to Shrewsbury or Shropshire, a more general thought, and my own writing. I thought of you when I wrote the most recent post, as it used A.E.Housman. Best wishes for now, Michael.

  2. lmarshal

    Looking forward to new subject additions on your blog.

    Have you read Wendell Berry’s book, The Art of Loading Brush (Counterpoint, 2017), a wonderful book for those who love and want to protect the land? I discovered Berry many years ago and have read most of his many books–poetry, fiction, non-fiction. very fine.

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