Autumn ends;
Again the cries of wild geese
Passing overhead.

Yes, autumn is ending, according to the old calendar.  And it ends with Halloween, the night before the old Celtic holiday of Samhain — (pronounced Sah-win) –which is only a few days away.  Then comes the beginning of winter — the time of turning inward.




2 thoughts on “AUTUMN ENDS

  1. Ashley

    Here in Britain and Ireland, we will be feeling the bite of the wind as it veers around to come directly from the Arctic! The hills may see some sleet and snow! As our NI weatherman says “it’s time to get the big coat out”. Brrrrr!

  2. Hokku - Old and New

    Many people say that they love winter, but what they love is their warm living room with a view of the snow…out the window. To wild animals and some humans winter is a true test of their ability to survive the harsh conditions that winter brings. I love sitting in my warm room drinking coffee or tea and attempting to write daoku, but I am always aware of the arctic temperatures outside the walls. The end of autumn triggers something inside of me…a survival instinct. Hibernation would be nice! Your end-of-autumn verse is beautiful, David. Thanks!

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