For lo, the summer is past, the warmth is over, and gone. The frost appears on the earth, the time of the falling of leaves is come, and the voice of the leaf blower is heard in our land.

Yes, the leaf blower — one of the most obnoxious, irritating, infernal devices ever invented. One can hardly go anywhere on these beautiful autumn days without the shriek or roar of a leaf blower assaulting one’s ears. This is not progress for anyone except those who manufacture and sell these abominable devices.

It used to be that autumn meant the quiet and peaceful raking, day to day, of the gold and red leaves falling on lawn and garden — a time to smell the scent of autumn and enjoy the season. Now it just means ear-piercing decibels and dust blown into the faces of passers-by along with the leaves.

English: Autumn fallen leaves of Zelkova serra...

The annual leaf fall, which is Nature’s way of returning elements to the soil, has now become a way of removing those potential nutrients from one’s property forever. No more piles of leaves, with the inimitable fragrance of autumn, for children to run and jump in, and one less ritual that connects humans to the realities of Nature and the changing seasons. Instead there is just the horrible noise and the blowing dust and dirt and in many cases, the unpleasant, unhealthy stink of burning fuel that powers the motor, in those that do not waste electricity. And one less way for the average person to get exercise that is all the more needed in these days of increasing obesity.

Not a pleasant introduction to the season. If you have or hire a leaf blower, do everyone and yourself a favor. Get rid of it as quickly as possible, and invest in a good rake.


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