Bon die, lectores de iste blog in tote le mundo!
Good day, readers of this blog in all the world!

Hodie es un belle die primaveral.  Illo me rememora de alcuni lineas ex un poema per
Today is a beautiful spring day.  It reminds me of some lines from a poem by
Lorenzo de’ Medici, in italiano:
Lorenzo de’ Medici, in Italian:

Quant’è bella giovinezza
che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
del doman non c’è certezza.

In le lingua que uso hic como mi lingua seconde (un combination personal de interlingua
In the language which I use here as my second language (a personal combination of Interlingua
e latino moderne), es:
and Latino Moderne), it is:

Com’ es belle juventute
Que se fugi nonobstante!
Qui vole ser allegre, sia:
De deman … null’ certitude.

Lo que significa in anglese es:
What it means in English is:

Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence and patr...
Lorenzo de’ Medici, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How beautiful is youth,
Which nonetheless is fleeting!
Let who wishes to be happy be so:
Of tomorrow there is no certainty.

Proque soi rememorarate hodie de iste poema?  Proque in hokku, le primavera es in
Why am I reminded today of this poem?  Because in hokku, spring is in 
harmonia con le juventute, e anque con le matino del die.  Le juventute es le primavera
harmony with youth, and also with the morning of the day.  Youth is the springtime
del vita, e le primavera es le juventute del anno.
of life, and spring is the youth of the year.


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