Here is a sample page from the beginning of my new book, A TIME OF GHOSTS, which deals with the remarkable life of a long-time friend of mine who was trained in both traditional Chinese medicine and in Western medicine.

One sees from the very first page that it was not an ordinary life. Born to a very wealthy family of aristocratic Manchu ancestry in China before the rise of Communism, his life was radically changed by the turmoil that enveloped the entire country.

It impelled him to undertake an inner and outer journey in search of meaning and freedom.  He met many remarkable people along the way, both good and bad, some very spiritual, some very materialistic, and some not of this plane of existence at all.  This book was written so that they might not be entirely forgotten, as was the case with countless numbers during those troubled years.

I think you will find it to be without any of the dullness of the traditional biography, because it is as filled with excitement and adventure and suspense as a novel — but it is not fiction.  It is a remarkable story — a true story — and one with great meaning to anyone concerned with finding their way in a difficult world.

The book is presently in the process of being formatted as an ebook.  The printed version is not presently available, except perhaps for used copies you might find via online used book sellers.  I will post a notice when the ebook version is available.

David Coomler

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