For those of you who may wish to know, my latest book is now available (see update below).  It is the remarkable story of a long-time friend of mine who was born to a wealthy and powerful family in China before the Revolution, and then lived through the coming of Communism and the immense tragedy and upheaval it brought to countless lives.

There are other books dealing with this period, of course, but this one is a bit unusual.  It deals quite frankly with both the spiritual and — for lack of a better word — the “supernatural” side of life that continued even as a brutal version of Communism was imposed on the country.

I felt it was important for me to get this book published, not only as an historical record, but above all so that the various people in it — rich and poor, spiritual and worldly, saintly and evil, and all those somewhere between — might not be forgotten entirely.

I can honestly say that those who have read the book have been fascinated with it.  It took a very long time to write, and it was not an easy project by any means.  But I hope the result is a fitting memorial not only to my long-time friend who has now passed from this life, but to all those he met in his odyssey through a world turned upside down.

Those interested will find further information and links under the “New Book” tab at the top of this site, or you may click here:

UPDATE:  The book is presently in the process of being formatted as an ebook, which should make it available much more inexpensively than the previous print version.  I will post a notice on my site when it is available.  The photo shown at the top of this page depicts the cover of the previous print version



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