Russian hokku?  Yes, one can write hokku in many other languages than English, using the same principles as in English-language hokku.

The situation is complicated slightly by the fact that though Russians still use the correct old term, hokku, they unfortunately often combine it with confused ideas of “haiku” imported from the West.  Nonetheless, if they chose to do so, Russians could no doubt write excellent hokku, given the size of the country and the variety of Nature there.

I can see from my “statistics” page that some Russian person (or persons) reads my site regularly using translation software.  I am happy to see that, because I have always been fond of the Russian land and people — a great people who have made great contributions to art, music, and literature.  So if you are a Russian reader of my hokku site, feel free to send me a message via the “comments” link.  I would be happy to hear from you.


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